Womenspace believes each person has the right to lead a life free from violence and fear of abuse.  All people have the desire and capacity to control their lives.  We help people who are in difficult and abusive situations, empowering adults and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence can be emotional, physical, sexual or economic abuse.  It is the most common and least reported crime in our country.

We offer the support services as well as education and training to the community.  Womenspace is operated by a committed corps of volunteers and a compassionate staff dedicated to eliminating domestic violence in Lane County, Oregon.

Womenspace offers services to the Creswell community by appointment

To schedule an appointment call:


24 Hour Crisis Helpline: (541) 485-6513 or Toll Free (800) 281-2800

Services Available in Creswell:

  • Access to Support Groups
  • Transitional Programs
  • Community Education
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Rural Advocacy

Website: www.womenspaceinc.org