Community Assistance Programs

Program Overview

The City of Creswell works closely with a group of community members and human services agencies to ensure that Creswell has adequate local access to community assistance services. Several agencies currently share space in the Creswell Community Center, where they provide their services to members of our community on a weekly basis. We are working hard to both expand the array of services offered, and to secure a permanent office for human services agencies in Creswell.



“We envision the City of Creswell having local access to an array of community assistance services, allowing all of Creswell residents to be secure in their basic needs and empowered to achieve their full potential. Local access to community assistance services will allow residents living in and around the City of Creswell to flourish as individuals and families for future generations, ensuring the health of our community”


Creswell Social Services Office

Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance


Looking Glass Rural Program


Additional Services Available

Community Food for Creswell


Centro Latino Americano


Family Relief Nursery


Senior & Disabled Services


Transportation Services


Staff Contact
Economic Development Coordinator
541-895-2531 x304