Planning Projects

Creswell Interchange Area Management Plan and Transportation System Plan Update
The City of Creswell is working on ways to manage lane use and transportation near the interstate 5 Creswell interchange.  The interchange Area Management Plan, also known as “IAMP”, will include a plan to manage growth, access, and traffic in an area around the Interstate 5 Creswell Interchange.  At the same time, the City is looking at streets within the city limits and urban growth boundary and will be updating its 1998 Transportation System Plan.  DKS Associates, a transportation engineering firm in Portland, and Lane Council of Governments are jointly working on the project.  Please refer to the following handouts for more information about the project.  The project is in a holding pattern until elements of the Comprehensive Plan Update are finalized.
Planning Commission and City Council Work Session Presentation, 02/11/08
Planning Commission and City Council Work Session Presentation
Project Summary
Existing Transportation System Plan
Creswell Comprehensive Plan Update
Beginning in the 1970’s, the state of Oregon required every city to create a Comprehensive  Plan that included goals, objectives, policies, a map, and other supporting materials such as a refinement plan.  The intent of this planning effort was to protect Oregon’s very special farm and forest land.  With a few exceptions, the land uses planned for the City of Creswell were put on a map 25 years ago.  In order to adapt to the changing needs and circumstances of a community and ensure that Creswell’s Comprehensive Plan retains its validity and usefulness, the City is undertaking an update to its plan.
Creswell Comprehensive Plan, 1982
Draft Alternative for Growth
As part of the Comprehensive Plan Update process, the City is working with a Citizen Involvement Committee, composed of representatives from the City Council, Planning Commission, and citizens at large.  The committee reviews and comments on all draft materials, and helped develop a Citizen Involvement Plan and draft Citizen Involvement Policies.
Draft Citizen Involvement Plan
Draft Citizen Involement Policies
The following are draft and final reports have been developed as part of the Comprehensive Plan Update.
Draft Residential Buildable Lands Inventory and Housing Analysis
Local Wetland Inventory (This Inventory was part of a multi-city effort.  Given the size of the documents, the reports and maps are housed on the Lane Council of Governments' website.  Creswell's documents are located near the bottom of the web page.)
Draft Economic Opportunities Analysis
Historic Building Survey Final Report
Draft Natural Environment Inventory and Report
Draft Natural Hazards Plan
The following policies have also been developed:
Draft Housing Policies
Draft Recreational Needs Policies
Draft Energy Conservation Policies