Community Services Fund

Mission Statement:

The mission of the City of Creswell's Community Services Fund is to assist those non-profit agencies and social service organizations that serve Creswell's residents and their basic needs.

Established by the City Council in 2013, the intent of the City's Community Services Fund is to help nonprofit agencies and social service organizations working within the Creswell city limits.

This fund does this by providing funding through grant awards for emergency needs, for matching fund requirements associated with other grant applications, for unique opportunities that arise outside of their annual budget cycle and certain program costs.

The use of this fund is to have a positive effect upon the basic needs of as many Creswell residents as possible. Basic needs include food, shelter, utilities and other needs, as identified by the requesting agencies and organizations.

Applicants do not need to be headquartered in Creswell. They can be new to Creswell, but they all must have a program or service located in Creswell that will help Creswell's residents.

This fund is not meant to become a reliable source of funding in order to discourage dependence or to be a sole source of funding. Also this fund is not intended for travel, meals and direct payment to individuals.

The City's Cultural Committee, "the Committee", assumes the oversight of the application approval process, gives recommendations to the Council for funding and oversight of the final reports of the applicants.

The final approval of awards is made by the full City Council based on recommendations made by the Committee. This Committee will report to the Council how the monies are being used and how the awardees are meeting their application goals.

The maximum award will be $2,800. Organizations may apply more than once in a fiscal year, but first must submit a written report to the Committee as to how previous awards were expended before being awarded a second grant.

Please call the City of Creswell to find out how to apply.  Thank you!