City Recorder

Public Records Request
Public records requests are made to the City Recorder, who is the custodian of the City’s records. Requests should be in writing, on a form provided by the City.  The City charges 25¢ per page for copies of readily available materials. Large requests, or requests requiring a significant amount of time may also include a charge for the employee's time in addition to copying fees.  Download the Records Request Form.

City Council Agenda
City Council Meeting Agendas are available by 5 p.m. on Thursday, prior to the regularly scheduled Council meeting. The Creswell City Council meets the first Monday after the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the McCluskey Chambers of City Hall located at 13 South 1st Street, Creswell, unless otherwise noted. Agendas are available here.

City Council Minutes
The minutes from each City Council meeting are approved by the City Council at their next regularly scheduled meeting and will be posted after City Council approval. Council Minutes are available here.

Municipal Code
The Creswell Municipal Code contains all of the ordinances adopted by the Creswell City Council. The municipal code is available for review at City Hall or by filling out a Records Request Form.

The City of Creswell has seven elected officials; the Mayor and six City Councilors.  The Mayor is elected to serve a two year term and City Councilors are elected to serve a four year term.  City Elections must conform to State Law except as provided per the City Charter or City Ordinances.  All elections for City officials are non-partisan.

For Information visit: Lane County Elections or State of Oregon Elections Division


City Recorder

Roberta Tharp

(541) 895-2531 ext. 307