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The purpose of a Code Enforcement Officer is to ensure that residents are in compliance with municipal codes, policies, rules, and regulations. Their duties include investigating public nuisances (such as noise disturbances), enforces local regulations, and issues violations when needed. In the City of Creswell, code enforcement is primarily complaint based, with residents notifying the Code Enforcement Officer of code violations within Creswell city limits.


  • Promoting the health, safety, welfare and livability of the community through the enforcement of the Creswell Municipal Code.

  • Working together to make a difference


  • The Code Enforcement Department works in a spirit of partnership to proactively find solutions to problems affecting the livability and health, safety and welfare of the community.

  • For a vibrant, healthy, beautiful city


Effective Code Enforcement is:

  • Fair - open, honest, objective, impartial, unbiased, and balanced

  • Firm - persistent, resilient, vigorous and timely

  • Factual - knowledgeable, thorough and accurate; and,

  • Flexible - recognize the unique aspects of every case while constantly working to achieve compliance.

  • Compassion, integrity, and effectiveness

Chelsie Haynes, Code Enforcement Officer/FOG Inspector/Backflow Specialist


Ext. 315

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