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Utility Rates are set by Council in the form of a resolution.  Rates are structured in order to meet the needs of operations, maintenance and debt service requirements of the City of Creswell infrastructure and facilities.

Water and Sewer Base Rates

Water and Sewer base rates are paid by everyone connected to the water and sewer systems.  These costs are fixed and incurred regardless of the use of the system. Fixed charges generally include the price the customer pays as a base charge to help cover costs for maintaining existing infrastructure and repaying loans and bonds used to build that infrastructure. Most utilities charge a set flat fee, "Base Facility Charge",  that helps to pay for the base costs of providing water and sewer including the personnel and other costs of daily maintenance of the delivery and collection systems, and other fixed operating costs.

Water and Sewer Usage Rates

Water and sewer usage rates are charged only for the volume of water and sewer used.  Meters are placed to measure the volume used in each period. These costs are variable and incurred by use of the utility. Variable charges are the price the customer pays per volume of water used and sewer collected, which reflect the costs of providing water and sewer treatment, such as costs for chemical treatment to provide safe water and energy to move and deliver water and collect sewer.

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