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Community Benefits
Parks and recreation facilities provide opportunities to engage with family, friends, and neighbors, thereby increasing social capital and community cohesion, which can improve residents' mental health and overall well-being.  People who feel that they are connected to their community and those who participate in recreational, community and other activities are more likely to have better mental and physical health and to live longer lives.  Access to parks and recreational facilities has also been linked to reductions in crime, particularly juvenile delinquency. 

Physical Activity Benefits
Residents in communities with increased access to parks, recreation, natural areas and trails have more opportunities for physical activity, both through recreation and active transportation.  By participating in physical activity, residents can reduce their risk of being of becoming overweight, decrease their likelihood of suffering from chronic diseases, such as heart disease and type-2 diabetes, and improve their levels of stress and anxiety.  Nearby access to parks and trails has been shown to increase levels of physical activity by providing recreational opportunities for all ages. 

Park Rules
here for the full set of park rules and regulations adopted in 2021 (or scroll down to Supporting Documents at the bottom of this page).  These rules are to be observed and enforced in the public parks of the City of Creswell, Oregon (Creswell Municipal Code (CMC) Chapter 9.30, Ordinance 543, 2021)


Cobalt Activity Center

Image of the Cobalt Activity Center

364 Cobalt Lane, Creswell, OR 97426

 Originally constructed in 1993, the Cobalt Activity Center spans 9,000 square feet and sits on a 1.2-acre plot at 364 Cobalt Lane. Conveniently situated near schools, residential areas, and downtown, it offers easy accessibility to a diverse range of local residents. Within its premises, the Cobalt Building hosts the Creswell Food Pantry and Creswell Clubhouse, offering amenities such as a playground and outdoor fitness equipment.


As of now, the Cobalt Activity space is not available for rental, as it is currently occupied by the Creswell Clubhouse and Creswell Food Pantry.

Creswell Community Center

Image of the front of Creswell Community Center

99 South 1st Street

The Creswell Community Center is available to all community members as a place to recreate, entertain, host social functions, and provide meeting space.  The center is rented on a first come, first served basis.  Please call City Hall 541-895-2531 for more information and to make reservations. For information about rates and policies, please see the Facilities Rental page.


Harry Holt Memorial Park

5th & A Street

Two acre-Harry Holt Park is centrally located in the older part of Creswell, close to downtown, one block north of Oregon Avenue. It is surrounded by residential homes. Facilities include restrooms, basketball courts, tennis court, picnic tables, benches, drinking fountain, play areas, slides, balance beam, climbing bars, merry-go-round, tire, gazebo, trash receptacles, small open field next to basketball courts, grass and parking.

Harry Holt Park is the home for events such as Movies in the Park, National Night Out, and the Arbor Day Celebration (just to name a few!).

Harry Holt Memorial Park is open to everyone and free to use all amenities.  If you are having a very large event of 100+ people, please call City Hall at 541-895-2531 and ask about a Special Event Permit.

Robinette-Hughes Park

Robinette-Hughes Park (formerly known as 2nd Street Park) is located behind New Hope Baptist Church, and features a a fun playground that young Creswellians will truly enjoy! Complete with swings, a slide, and climbing equipment, there is much fun to be had here!

In 2020, the City of Creswell planted a Peace Tree (Hiroshima Tree) in 2nd Street Park, in cooperation with 'One Sunny Day Initiatives', promoting peace, hope, and reconciliation.  See the link below.

On June 5th, 2024, the City of Creswell opened a Splash Pad at Robinette-Hughes Park. This splash pad is operated by a touch screen button and is open daily from 9:00am to 8:00pm.

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Image of the playground on 2nd Street Park

Garden Lake Park

390 Melton Road

Thirty-three acre Garden Lake Park is a natural park located on the east side of Creswell on Melton Road. It is surrounded by commercial and residential land to the south and east and Interstate 5 to the west. The north edge of the park forms the edge of the urban growth boundary. The park is primarily used for fishing (catch and release only - not for consumption), but is also ideal for canoeing, bird watching, horseshoes and now disc golf!  Facilities include:

  • Pavilion

  • Benches

  • Picnic Tables

  • Bathroom

  • Trails

  • Dock/Pier

  • Trash Receptacles

  • Horseshoe Pits

  • Disc Golf Course

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Image of Garden Lake Park Bridge

North 1st Street and Cobalt Pocket Park

Located at North 1st Street & Cobalt Lane 

The North 1st Street Pocket Park is a short walking path in a residential neighborhood where you can walk your leashed dog or spend a little time in nature.   Placed just at the entrance to the path is a dog waste bag dispenser and receptacle.

South 1st Street and C Pocket Park

Located at the corner of South 1st and C Street (across the street from the Fire Station).  This is an asphalt parking lot with free parking and is also used as a park-n-ride location as there is an LTD bus stop beside the parking lot on C Street.  Lane County Elections has placed a permanent ballot box (white box) in the middle of the parking lot.  It is unlocked and utilized by Lane County to collect ballots at certain times throughout the year.

The pocket park (along South 1st Street) boasts a picnic table with gazebo, trash receptacle and plants and trees, including the Oregon Grape.  The Oregon Grape is the official State flower of Oregon. It blooms dainty yellow flowers in the spring and a dark blue fruit that is essential food to the birds and other small mammals in the Fall.  Please do not pick the fruit or harvest the plant in any way, as it is illegal without the proper permit.

Bicycle Wayside Park

34175 E. Cloverdale Road

New! Bicycle Wayside Park located along Dale Kuni Road off Cloverdale Road. This new rest stop for cyclists includes benches and a covered picnic area, trash can, water fountain, water bottle fill station, and bicycle maintenance station.  Stop here and rest on your next bicycle adventure!

Image of three bicyclists in front of the Wayside Bicycle Park Sign

Grassland Park Bicycle Pump Track

Located at the corner of Grassland Street & Niblock Lane 

Grassland Park Bicycle Pump Track is complete! Public Works will install a trash receptacle and will paint lines on the asphalt for parking spaces (just south of the track) in the very near future.  Everyone is now invited to try out the newly completed track!  

Remember to follow the park rules at all times.  NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES OR MOTORIZED BIKES ALLOWED ON THE TRACK. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Bike Park Image

Other Parks and Facilities in Creswell

Emerald Valley Golf Course
Originally built in 1966, Emerald Valley Golf Course is an 18-hole, 7,300-yard championship course. The majority of the golf course is located outside the Creswell city limits and urban growth boundary and extends to the Coast Fork of the Willamette River to the east. In 2004, four tournaments were held at the course.

Camas Swale Creek
Linear creek running outside Creswell urban growth boundary. The creek has mature poplars, willows, etc. along its banks as well as invasive blackberry bushes.

Willamette River Greenway
The Willamette River Greenway, east of Creswell, provides recreational opportunities such as trails, boat launching sites, and scenic river corridors.

Creswell Butte
Most of Creswell Butte lies just south of the Creswell urban growth boundary. Creswell Butte is a forested out-cropping that provides important natural relief and environmental enhancement and open space for the city. McKenzie River Trust holds a conservation easement on 72 acres on Creswell Butte.