Mayor & City Council

City Council Overview

The council consists of a mayor and six councilors nominated and elected from the city at-large.

The mayor presides over and facilitates council meetings, preserves order, enforces council rules, and determines the order of business under council rules. The mayor is a voting member of the council and has no veto authority. With the consent of the council, the mayor appoints members of commissions and committees established by ordinance or resolution. The mayor must sign all records of council decisions. The mayor serves as the political head of the city government.

At its first meeting each year, the council must elect a president from its membership. The president presides in the absence of the mayor and acts as mayor when the mayor is unable to perform duties. The council, by resolution, must adopt rules consistent with state law, to govern its meetings.  The council must meet at least once a month at a time and place designated by its rules and may meet at other times in accordance with the rules. A majority of the council is a quorum to conduct business, but a smaller number may meet and compel the attendance of absent members, as prescribed by council rules. 

Council meetings are held on the second Monday of every month. Council meetings are held in the McCluskey Chambers of City Hall located at 13 South 1st Street, Creswell, Oregon.  Council meetings are open to the public, and begin promptly at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise posted. 

Agendas are available the Friday before the council meeting at City Hall. If you have an item you wish to have placed on the agenda, you must contact the City Manager or City Recorder at (541) 895-2531. You must have all materials to the City Recorder by no later than six business days prior to the meeting. This allows the recorder time to finalize the agenda and copy materials for the council.