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Creswell's Development Code governs all land use and development within the incorporated City Limits of the City of Creswell.

The five Articles of this Code are used together to review land use applications.  

Article 1. Introduction

Article 1 provides definitions for selected terms, land use classifications and categories, and information on the legal construct of the Code. It also explains the city authority to enforce its Code.

Article 2. Land Use Districts

Chapter 2 identifies the land uses that are permitted within each zone, and the standards that apply to each type of land use (e. g., lot standards, setbacks, and use-specific design standards). Zones or “land use districts” conform to the City of Creswell Comprehensive Plan. The districts reserve land for planned land uses, provide compatibility between different uses, and implement planned housing densities.

Article 3. Design Standards

The design standards contained in Article 3 apply throughout the City. They are used in preparing development plans, and reviewing applications, to ensure compliance with city standards for access and circulation, landscaping, parking, public facilities, surface water management, housing densities, and sensitive lands.

Article 4. Land Use Process

Article 4 provides all of the application requirements and procedures for obtaining permits required by this Code. Four types of permit procedures are covered: Type I (non-discretionary, “ministerial” decision); Type II (discretionary, “administrative” decision); Type III ("quasi-judicial" decision with public hearing); and Type IV (“legislative” decisions).

Article 5. Exceptions to Code Standards

Article 5 provides standards and procedures for variances and non-conforming situations. This Code cannot provide standards to fit every potential development situation. The City’s varied geography, and complexities of land development, require flexibility. Article 5 provides that flexibility, while maintaining the purposes and intent of the Code.  

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