Creswell City Hall next to a blooming tree


The City of Creswell was founded in 1872 and is a home rule City with its own city charter.  The City Charter can only be changed by a majority of the registered voters residing within Creswell City Limits.

The City of Creswell operates under what is known as a Council-Manager form of government.  Under this structure the City Council is responsible for legislative functions such as establishing policy, passing local ordinances, voting on budget appropriations and developing the overall vision for a community.  The City Council is elected.  In Creswell the City Council consists of the Mayor who is elected for a two-year term and six (6) Councilors elected to four-year terms.  Each year the City Council selects a Council President who will conduct meetings in the Mayor’s absence.  The Mayor and each Councilor has one vote on matters brought before them at a City Council Meeting.

The City Council has three employees: the City Manager, City Attorney and Municipal Judge.

The City of Creswell has a professional manager, referred to as the City Manager who conducts the day to day operations of the City much like an orchestra’s conductor or a business CEO.  

The following administrative functions are located within City Hall:

Administrative Projects

From the construction of City Hall in 2011 to the City Manager Weekly Updates, there are a multitude of different projects that happen in the City of Creswell!

Animal Licensing

Dog licenses are required for all dogs which have a permanent set of canine teeth or are six months of age, whichever comes first.  Licenses may be obtained from the City of Creswell, Creswell Veterinary Hospital, or South Willamette Veterinary Clinic. Dog Licenses are issued for one, two, or three years, depending on how long your rabies vaccination is valid.  The City of Creswell requires proof of rabies vaccination before a license can be issued.

Code Enforcement

The City of Creswell promotes the health, safety, and welfare of the community through enforcement of the Creswell Municipal Code.

City Planning

The City of Creswell employs a multi-faceted approach to community and economic development.  We believe that sustained economic development and job growth comes from a mixture of three strategies:

  1. Community Development - Making Creswell a better and more attractive place to live for our current and future residents. We believe that community development can occur without economic development, but that economic growth cannot occur without community development.

  2. Business retention & expansion - We focus on making our existing, small businesses successful and helping them to grow. 

  3. Business Attraction - Providing incentives and eliminating barriers to attract new business to the Creswell area.

Economic Development

The City of Creswell values local businesses and seeks to create an economy that allows them to thrive. Economic Development is one of our top priorities, with our goal being to build the City's capacity to support and attract businesses, create jobs, and position Creswell for sustainable growth.


The Finance Department is responsible for providing timely and accurate financial information to the Citizens of Creswell, management, the City Council and, the Budget Committee and other external users. Primary functions include accounting, budgeting, managing cash investments and debt service,  accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial reporting. The Finance department oversees utility billing, airport billing, animal licensing, building permit payments, and municipal court payments.

Municipal Court

Creswell Municipal Court, under the provisions of Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapters 51, 52, and 153, is responsible for the adjudication of violations and misdemeanors filed as violations of traffic, and City Code violations, such as animal regulation, parks, general offenses, and related post-adjudicative processes.

Public Safety

The City of Creswell contracts with the Lane County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement services.  This provides the City with access to services typically available only to larger agencies. 

For emergencies, call 9-1-1.  

For non-emergency situations, the Lane County Sheriff's Office may be contacted at 541-682-4150


The Finance Department's Accounts Receivable and Utility Billing Department provides billing and collections administration for water and sewer utility services. The Utility Billing Staff handles the billing, payment services, and maintenance of approximately 2,000 customer accounts. Bills are typically mailed on the last working day of each month, and are due by the 10th of the following month.

Additionally, the City of Creswell includes the following facilities:

Creswell Municipal Airport, Hobby Field
83501 Melton Road
Creswell, OR

Creswell Community Center
99 S. 1st Street
​Creswell, OR 

Cobalt Activity Center
364 Cobalt Lane
Creswell, OR

Creswell Public Works
83624 North Pacific Highway
Creswell, OR

Creswell Wastewater Treatment Facility
395 Meadow Lane
Creswell, OR

Garden Lake Park

Harry Holt Park

Creswell City Hall
13 South 1st Street
PO Box 276
Creswell, OR  97426

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm