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Welcome! You have reached Creswell's City Planning Page.

Creswell's City Planner, Curtis Thomas, can help answer questions ranging from current development interest and requests to long-range system planning.  Do you have a potential project? Talk to the City Planner about a pre-application meeting!

Our Strategy and Philosophy

The City of Creswell employs a multi-faceted approach to community and economic development.  We believe that sustained economic development and job growth comes from a mixture of three strategies:

  1. Community Development - Making Creswell a better and more attractive place to live for our current and future residents. We believe that community development can occur without economic development, but that economic growth cannot occur without community development.

  2. Business retention & expansion - We focus on making our existing, small businesses successful and helping them to grow. 

  3. Business Attraction - Providing incentives and eliminating barriers to attract new business to the Creswell area.

Planning Directory

Curious about Creswell's existing plans? Visit Creswell's Planning Directory includes links to City Maps, Creswell Development Code, Land Use Application Forms, and on-going Planning Projects.

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Curtis Thomas, City Planner

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