City Communications

The City of Creswell believes that clear and concise communication between government agencies and their citizens is important. That is why we have established multiple different communication methods both online and offline to ensure that messaging reaches our residents whether they are at home on their computer or out on a stroll in the Creswell downtown area.

All social media and mobile phone communications are operated by the City of Creswell Administrative Assistant.

Social Media


The City of Creswell maintains an active social media presence, especially on Facebook. Residents can anticipate at least three posts a day that provide updates and announcements happening in town as well as community building posts that invite them to interact with city staff as well as their neighbors (such as voting for the films the City shows for the Movies in the Park events). Residents may also live stream city council meetings

Residents that are looking for answers to quick questions may send the a message to the City of Creswell via Facebook Messenger. City staff are available during regular business hours to assist with your inquiries.


The City of Creswell Twitter is the place to go if you are looking for quick updates on the go. Users can expect approximately three posts a day as well as information that is shared from other government agencies.



The City of Creswell Instagram is the place to go if you enjoy fun graphics to accompany your information. Followers can anticipate up to three posts per day, and sometimes even the occasional story featuring our City Hall Greeter, Paisley the Border Collie.



The City of Creswell YouTube serves residents as a platform to watch important meetings as they happen (via livestream) as well as an archive for meetings of the past.


Mobile Phone Notifications

The City of Creswell App

The City of Creswell has a mobile app! Keep up to date on all of the latest posts, events, and meetings happening in town!

Make sure to enable push notifications so that you can receive updates right to your phone, too!

You can download the app on the App Store or on Google Play.


Creswell residents can opt in to receive text notifications via TextMyGov! Receive alerts directly from City Hall to your mobile phone! All you have to do is text "CRESWELL" to 91896 and opt in to receive notifications.

What to Expect:

  • After the initial keyword is sent, you will receive a confirmation message asking you to verify your opt-in.

  • You will receive 0-4 text messages each month (more if there is a state of emergency) with a notification from the City of Creswell regarding the categories you are opted in for.

  • Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile phone provider for more information.

How to Opt-Out:

  • Text "STOP" at any time to remove yourself from the notification list.

Text my gov icon


City Manager Michelle Amberg sends out city newsletters via email at least once a week that contain information such as city council meeting recaps, resources that can assist residents in need, and so much more. To sign up for City Manager Amberg's email list, please write to Michelle at

City Hall Electronic Message Board

Mounted on the front of Creswell City Hall, the City's electronic message board faces the four-way intersection of Oregon Avenue and 1st Street, making it a prime spot for residents to see messages! The City of Creswell utilizes the electronic message board to promote council and board meetings, public events, and other community information. All designs are created in house at City Hall.

If you would like to promote your community event or information on our electronic message board, please fill out our electronic message board application and send it to Heather at

Image of the City of Creswell Reader Board

All graphics created for the City of Creswell social media accounts and electronic message board are designed in Canva, a free graphic design program. This allows the City of Creswell to share vibrant and eye-catching promotional materials at no cost to residents.

Image of Heather Ward

Heather Ward, Administrative Assistant/Public Information Officer

(541) 895-2531 ext. 300