Planning Projects

Comprehensive Land Use Plan 
Beginning in the 1970’s, the state of Oregon required every city to create a Comprehensive  Plan that included goals, objectives, policies, a map, and other supporting materials such as a refinement plan.  The intent of this planning effort was to protect Oregon’s very special farm and forest land.  With a few exceptions, the land uses planned for the City of Creswell were put on a map 25 years ago.  In order to adapt to the changing needs and circumstances of a community and ensure that Creswell’s Comprehensive Plan retains its validity and usefulness, the City is updating its plan by Statewide Goal Area. Updates are focused on setting goals, objectives, and policies for each topic. Click the title above for more details. 

Transportation System Plan (TSP)

Transportation is essential to our daily lives and is a big part of how a city functions. Creswell partnered with Oregon Department of Transportation to analyze existing needs and future demands on our transportation network to determine the best way to improve and enhance our network to meet the growing demands of our community. Click the title above for more information and the full-text.

Land Needs Analysis

Creswell has been growing and changing dramatically over the last 20 years. The City has been working to amend its Comprehensive Plan to reflect current priorities and aspirations for the next 20-year planning horizon. To do so, Creswell must undergo three analyses: a Buildable Lands Inventory, an Economic Opportunities Analysis (Goal 9), and a Housing Needs Assessment (Goal 10). Click here for more information and draft materials related to Creswell's Land Needs.  

Drinking Water Source Protection Plan
Creswell was awarded a grant to assess risks to our drinking water source, the Coast Fork of the Willamette River. In February, 2018, the plan received approval from the Oregon Health Authority and the Department of Environmental Quality. Click to view the plan and all of its appendices.

Urban Renewal District

Creswell established an Urban Renewal District to address infrastructure needs and deficiencies specifically related to employment lands.  

Flood Risk Map Amendment
FEMA is remapping the Upper Willamette Basin, which includes South Lane County. Click to view information about changes to the Flood Risk Maps in our area.

Downtown Plan Update

Downtown is the heart of Creswell -- Buildings, businesses, services, and people on the move make it great. With Creswell's continued growth, the City has envisioned the future of the Downtown district. This includes street design, how to find your way around, and what types of uses will fit best a vibrant, thriving mixed-use center. 

The Creswell Downtown Plan Update, adopted by Creswell City Council in December 2020, builds upon and coordinates with the recently adopted Creswell Transportation System Plan (TSP) (2019) and expands upon opportunities to provide housing options at higher-densities in the core of our community. 

Economic Development Strategic Plan

The City of Creswell is undertaking a strategic planning process to guide economic development in Creswell. The City has partnered with the Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) to engage local businesses, civic leaders, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders to help establish an economic vision and goals reflective of the Creswell community.

Supporting Documents