Creswell Clubhouse After School and Summer Camp at the Cobalt Activity Center

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Exterior image of the Cobalt Activity Center

Clubhouse at the Cobalt Activity Center

The City of Creswell and Creswell Clubhouse have partnered to offer our program at the Cobalt Activity Center. The city provides us 4,700 square feet of fun! Our space at the Cobalt Activity Center includes a main activity room, our education center classroom -Brain Zone, and a gym/games room! We are very grateful for the city's support. As a local nonprofit organization in its 13th year in Creswell, we look forward to continuing to serve children here for years to come. 

Sign up for our summer camp begins in March. We have ongoing enrollment for our after school program. You can find all our information, and registration forms, at Creswell Club House. You can also email Email Creswell Club House, or give us a call at (541) 852-6034. Our programs do fill up. If we are full, your child will be added to the waiting list and we will contact you when space becomes available. 

Clubhouse Organizational Description

Creswell Clubhouse is a local nonprofit Youth Development Program which provides youth services and programs in Creswell. This program belongs to the children we serve, our families and the community of Creswell. At Clubhouse we put children first.  We keep costs low while providing the highest quality Youth Development Program. Children at Clubhouse are given the opportunity to fill their out of school time with positive, educational, and rewarding programs and friendships. We provide the children in the community of Creswell the opportunity to participate in classes, clubs and activities not otherwise available and provide group and individual tutoring and homework assistance.  Our focus is education by supplementing the school day with enriching and engaging programs.

Clubhouse Mission and Vision

Creswell Clubhouse was designed to provide students with a safe and healthy place to practice reading skills, receive help with homework, utilize computer resources and participate in educationally enriching activities after school.  The Clubhouse strives to build a stronger physical, intellectual and emotional support system for students while fostering responsible choice making.

We provide this small, rural community with a high-quality youth development program to allow youth to explore their interests, find their passions and be fully supported emotionally and educationally. Creswell Clubhouse leadership and staff strive to improve the academic, social and personal identity of all youth involved in the program. We ensure services provided enhance the positive development of the young people in this community.

Description of Clubhouse Activities and University of Oregon Staff      

Clubhouse serves approximately 100 students per year, grades kindergarten through sixth, with a variety of enrichment activities and educational support after school and serves entering first grade through sixth grades during the summer months.  Throughout the year we offer a rotating variety of enrichment clubs children sign up to attend. Weekly enrichment clubs include homework club, tutoring, reading, foreign language, service learning, leadership, conflict resolution, social skills development, science, fine arts, performing arts, cultural exploration, recreational clubs, sports and gym games.

Our student to staff ratio is generally 1:8 during recess, free-time and enrichment clubs. During Brain Zone (Homework and Educational Club) the student to staff ratio is 1:5 to offer extra educational support and individual tutoring when needed. Our University of Oregon student leaders are able to develop extraordinarily strong relationships with the children. This provides children with positive mentoring experiences and superior educational support. We provide reliable and consistent positive adult role models for our group. Clubhouse also hosts Creswell middle and high school student volunteers. They have spent 1000’s of hours playing with our children, supporting our staff, and leading activities.

Enrichment Club Highlights

Our focus on education is devoted to educational enrichment activities providing students with consistency and progression in math, reading and science showing a commitment to learning.  "Brain Zone", our homework club, is designed to provide a structured time to receive homework assistance and individual tutoring from University of Oregon students, middle and high school volunteers and peers. Sports and large group games are incorporated as an opportunity to work on conflict resolution and teamwork skills and instill a healthy, active lifestyle that includes exercise and physical recreation. Culture is explored through a program called “Around the World” in which students earn passport stamps by completing projects, art, crafts and other cultural and diversity awareness building activities. 

The Community Helpers Club (student named) is a service-learning program which completes several volunteer projects to support the community, school and Clubhouse throughout the year and provides direction and leadership of the overall program. These students gain valuable skills, strengthen their self-esteem and belief in their ability to complete meaningful projects. Children have planned projects to raise money for charities of their choice. One of our most popular activities is making homemade dog treats to sell to raise money to donate to Greenhill Humane Society. This group has also raised donations to create their own college scholarship fund to support a Creswell High School student who also attended Clubhouse in the past. It was a truly awesome experience creating a grant application, reviewing submissions and choosing an awardee. Other projects have been painting the tables at Holt Park, working in the school garden, fundraising for the Creswell Library and many more. Our Community Helpers Club also assists in the planning for Clubhouse clubs, activities and field trips. Within this group is our “Interview Crew” which assists in interviewing possible new University of Oregon program leaders. The children feel a great sense of pride and ownership over Clubhouse due to including them in the decision-making process.

Talking with TJ is a conflict resolution and leadership program in which students gain valuable social skills utilizing a structured program including video’s, games, discussion and role play.  Children develop problem solving skills and enhanced empathy through this program. Talking with TJ is a national program created by a partnership between The Boys and Girls Club of America, Cub Scouts and 4H. We also utilize a positive behavior support system providing consistency with the school behavior expectations by following the same expectations at Clubhouse.

The Fine and Performing Arts allow children to fully express themselves in a safe environment. At Clubhouse we offer performing arts clubs such as Hip-Hop Dance, Performance Club, Tumbling, Cheerleading, Movie Makers and Choir. We expand on fine arts by offering Art Around the World, Crafts, Painting and Cartooning.

Summer Educational Enrichment includes offering all our educational clubs, adding an additional 45-minute reading club and one hour of Brain Zone time, in an effort to keep children’s skills current. Clubs focused on expanding the educational experience are: Science, Spanish, Sign Language, Gardening Club, Creative Writing, Space Club, Animal Planet, Research and Writing and Test Taking for Fun. Many of these educational clubs are offered during the school year also.