Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was developed with long-term goals that will be updated every five years, at the conclusion of the plan. Any updates to the plan will be considered and vetted through recommendations by City leadership with guidance and final decision by the City Council. If a potential update is vetted by the City Manager and Department Directors, it will be presented to the City Council for a formal plan update.

Updates to the plan or any objectives within it will be evaluated and prioritized by the following factors:

  • Level of impact

  • Control over outcome

  • Likelihood of success

  • Cost in time and money

  • Timing

  • Opportunity

Due to the five-year cycle of the plan, updates and/or changes will be kept to a minimum and done only when necessary. It is anticipated that most, if not all, updates will be incorporated in the new five-year plan that will be adopted in 2028. The kickoff process for updating the plan should begin in Spring of 2027. This timeline for updating the plan will allow for a community survey, enhanced community partnership and engagement.